Ponoka Massage Therapist
Ponoka Massage Therapist Ponoka Massage Therapist Ponoka Massage Therapist Ponoka Massage Therapist Ponoka Massage Therapist
Hi Im Krista Brower, I strive to listen and understand who you are and what you need

I concentrate on knowing and understanding how we are put together. Our bodies are complex if you know it or not, we are always changing. Aging, stress levels, activities we do.. You don't eat or sleep the same in January compared to July. Our activities change, your age changes, and responsibilities and jobs change! Lets figure out how I can help understand your health history - your health today, so we improve your health tomorrow and for years to come.

Id like to help equip you with tools that improve the quality of your life.

Looking at your health history and lifestyle helps me figure out the best stretches and strengthening exercises that fit you! Lets look at how much water you drink, and ways of allowing you to choose and activity that you like. I take courses often pertaining to the body and improving it. Id love to pass it along to you.

Call me and ask me any questions you'd like. I also believe a good health professional team is great for all of us. We should strive to be on the "same page". Let me refer you to someone, or you can let me know how your health professional team is working with you! at 403-783-7400.

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